The following people and organisations have donated time money and equipment towards making unixODBC the complete ODBC solution for non windows platforms - Nick Gorham


You may want a commercial solution to your ODBC desires... here is a good start. EasySoft has been very helpfull in the development of  unixODBC so I strongly urge you to consider checking out their products.


These folks use unixODBC but even more importantly... they have been a very big supporter of unixODBC by providing some of their programming time and network resources for unixODBC.

I got involved in ODBC for Linux while looking for a data access solution for some commercial application development. I naturally looked for an ODBC solution having used it extensively on projects targeted towards MS Windows platforms. I spent about three days browsing the web, downloading stuff, and generally trying to find a standard solution that I could promote as the basis for our future development (Dec.98). I found some good starts but nothing even remotely close to a complete, standard, and free solution that I could possibly hope to ever expect on the majority of Linux installations. This prompted me to start the cbdODBC Project which turned into LinuxODBC and finally into unixODBC. Please check out the unixODBC home page for where things are today or jump to some of these sites which I have uncovered in my travels. - Peter Harvey


Another commercial provider of data access technology.


This is a very well written, JDBC-like, class wrapper for ODBC. It can used with unixODBC.


Commercial SDK.

Odbc Template Library (OTL)

OTL provides an API similar to ordinary C++ streams. OTL is tightly integrated with STL via STL-compliant stream iterators

Database Template Library

The goal of this library is to make ODBC recordsets look just like an STL container.

SQL Summit web site

Large list of ODBC drivers, though many are Windows only.


Python ODBC interface.


SWI-Prolog uses unixODBC to provide database connectivity on Unix.


Ch ODBC toolkit is Ch binding to ODBC


Turbodbc brings turbocharged database access for data scientists to Python. It uses buffered I/O for efficiency and comes with built-in NumPy support.

DBMS Links