Software used:
Cold Fusion 4.51 Professional - Evaluation Version - for Linux
Interbase 6.01 Super Server for Linux Readhat 6.1, Readhat 6.2

1. Installing under RH Linux 6.2
Use the rpm from Coding Apes to install UnixODBC 1.8.12
Replace the ODBC driver manager provided by ColdFusion with the one from UnixODBC
mv /opt/coldfusion/lib/odbc/ /opt/coldfusion/lib/odbc/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /opt/coldfusion/lib/odbc/

2. Installing under RH Linux 6.1
Use the source from UnixODBC site.
run configure --enable-gui=no (if you don't need X based tools, and for servers usually you don't)
make and install UnixODBC as documented on (make all/make install)
The rest is similar as above

3. Configuring Interbase ODBC Driver and Sources Download and install (by copying the files to /usr/local/lib) the Interbase Driver from Easysoft.
Configure your odbc.ini file in /opt/coldfusion/odbc/odbc.ini

Description=Interbase Driver

Special thanks to Nick Gorham! His contribution made this possible and he has helped me out with all the above mentioned steps.

This is a minimum you need to do to have the whole thing working. If you have ColdFusion hosting it should be able to run as well. There is much more to do to make a clean install of this things, but this will be documented later. If you feel you could contribute with something to maker this document more complete and reliable please let me know.

Mail me or contact me on ICQ 85340197 (use Interbase user as Request reason)

Its also worth noting that the above method also works with other drivers not directly supported by Cold Fusion - Nick