ODBC Config
This is a GUI application, similar to MS's ODBC Administrator. It allows the user to easily configure the User data sources. 'root' users can also; add, remove, and configure System data sources.

Driver options vary from DBMS to DBMS. ODBCConfig calls Driver Config code to allow the Driver to prompt the user for Driver specific options.
A 'root' user can add and/or remove drivers using ODBCConfig. This is more like 'register' and 'unregister' a driver because no files are actually copied or moved but instead, ODBC system information is updated.

All registered drivers are presented to the user as choices when creating a new data source.
19.JUL.99 ODBCConfig has been used as the basis for the KDE ODBC Administrator. This represents an official code-fork for ODBCConfig as the KDE version becomes KDE specific. The unixODBC ODBCConfig program will continue to be based upon Qt (no KDE specific code). Screen shot of the KDE ODBC Administrator.

6.JUN.99 minor improvements to user interface

16.MAY.99 Confusion over whether to use a user-friendly Driver name in the DSN or to use the drivers file name has been fully addressed.
This is actually an odbcinst issue. The way it works is that user friendly names are used by default, however; a driver file name will be identified and used if the name starts with a '/'.

14.MAY.99 'root' users are now able to add and remove drivers from the ODBC system information.

27.APR.99 Development of Driver config options have begun for ODBCConfig.

20.MAR.99 Minor code changes made to make it compile with Qt 2.0 Beta.

10.FEB.99 Work completed;
Now uses ODBCINST to access ODBC System Information
Images are now xpm and embedded in code

Work to do;
a bit more testing

ODBCConfig is essentially complete and will be released as part of LinuxODBC 1.0.

25.JAN.99 The Qt based ODBC Config is ready for testing but testing may not happen for another day or two because of discussions about the format of ODBC.INI and ODBCINST.INI (see the freeodbc@as220.org mailing list or check back here later on this). There is also some discussion about how far to go in implementing MS's O/S specific ODBC infrastructure. The outcome of these discussions will significantly impact the inernals of the ODBC Config and its driver counterparts but should have minimal impact upon the user. So the screens/functionality should remain pretty much as you see them here but browsing the source code may be a waste of time.

Work completed includes; 
Created a Driver Config library for simple SQL Server type data sources .
Created a Driver Config library for simple File based data sources .
Created a Driver Config library for OpenLinks oplodbc Driver .
popup for 'Driver Specific' options done 
Some code cleaning done (more to do).

24.JAN.99 The libini.a has been totally rewritten to support read/write (see Utilities).
The Qt based ODBC Config has moved a notch closer to a release for testing. 

Work completed includes; 
User data sources are loaded (typically from ~/.odbc.ini)
System data sources are loaded from /etc/odbc.ini
Drivers are loaded from /etc/odbcdrivers.ini
popup for 'Add DSN' done 
two Driver Setup templates started (file based and SQL Server based)

The SQL Server Driver Setup template will be used by ODBC Config when no other driver setup is installed for a data source.