Welcome to unixODBC. unixODBC is a complete, free/open, ODBC solution for UNIX/Linux. If you are not sure of what ODBC is then you can check out this site. If you want more information about the unixODBC Project, its objectives, its status and the latest news and releases then you should check out the unixODBC web site.

This document is a start point for all unixODBC manuals. If you feel that there is a need for improvement then please email me, Nick Gorham, and I will see what I can do to improve things.

User Manual
User Manual - German Translation (Fijavan Brenk)
User Manual - Greek Translation (Dimitris Galatas)
User Manual - Indonesian Translation (Jordan Silaen @ ChameleonJohn.com)
User Manual - Russian Translation (Best Car Team)
User Manual - Hebrew Translation (UK Helpline Team)
User Manual - Arabic Translation (R.Hussein UK Numbers)
User Manual - Romanian Translation (Irina Vasilescu)
User Manual - French Translation (Deal Nerd)
A neophyte's guide (contributed by Charles Morrison)
A guide to using unixODBC without the GUI (contributed by Nick Gorham)
How to build PHP3 with unixODBC(contributed by Nick Gorham)
How to build PHP3 with unixODBC - Greek Translation (Dimitris Galatas)
How to build PHP3 with unixODBC - Russian Translation (Alexey Marchenko)
How to build PHP3 with unixODBC - Swedish Translation (Weronika Pawlak)
How to build PHP3 with unixODBC - Slovak Translation (Margaréta Sliwka)
unixODBC and the year 2000
Using DB2 and unixODBC
Using ColdFusion, interbase and unixODBC (contributed by Rotaru Calin Augustin)
How to use connection pooling with unixODBC
How to use unixODBC with FreeTDS (contributed by Peter Harvey)
How to use unixODBC with FreeTDS with specifics for Red Hat/Fedora (contributed by Bob Abbott)
How to use unixODBC with wine
Data Access With Linux by Adam Williams(PDF)
Using the Informix driver(Contributed by Adam Williams)
OpenOffice.org 1.0, unixODBC, and MySQL (updated 19th April for RedHat 9)(By John McCreesh)
How to use C/C++ interpreter Ch with unixODBC
Informix access with unixODBC (German)
Perl DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 1 - Drivers, Data Sources and Connection (from Easysoft Web Site)
Perl DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 2 - Introduction to retrieving data from your database (from Easysoft Web Site)
Perl DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 3 - Connecting Perl on UNIX to Microsoft SQL Server (from Easysoft Web Site)
ODBC Diagnostics & Error Status Codes (from Easysoft Web Site)
Programming Manual tutorial
ODBC from C Tutorial Part 1 (from Easysoft Web Site)
Perl Tutorial Part 4 - Put Your Data On The Web (from Easysoft Web Site)
ODBC on Unix/Linux (from Easysoft Web Site)
How to setup a mySQL (DSN) database source in CentOS with myODBC and unixODBC command line.
64 Bit ODBC Driver considerations (from iAnywhere Solutions, Inc.)